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Central Coast Pool Enclosures

Are you tired of cleaning your pool all the time ?
Are you ready to reduce the amount of water to fill your pool ?
Are you ready to save money on running your pool ?

Why choose Us.

We are experts in covering swimming pools. Our crew is trained to the highest standards always delivering projects to customers' complete satisfaction. We've changed the way how our customers use their pools - all year around, regardless the weather.

Our Mission.

Simply put, We care. We care about our Enviroment. By covering your pool We all save water - the most precious thing. We care about You. Customer, who wants to enjoy the swimming pool as much as possible.

What we Do.

We can cover it all. From the smallest size of the swimming pool to large commercial application. Low, Medium or High profile enclosure - your choice. Just check some of our Projects.

Still not sure how it all works & is it for you?

Imagine a telescopic structure with multiple modules. These modules slide on top of each other on surface mounted rails. The modules slide independently in each direction allowing you to enter the swimming pool in any spot you like. You can slide the whole Enclosure to any side of your Swimming Pool or simply enter the pool via side door.
The Choice is yours. Easy to use, Easy to maintain. Our Swimming Pool enclosures also known as Pool Domes will allow you to use your pool all year around without the hassle of cleaning the water whenever there is a wind gust. Do you like your water warm? Our Enclosures will increase the water temperature by up to 12°C. This will make you to swim even in colder winter months. Protect yourselves, kids and your Pool from the harmful UV rays getting ever stronger in Australia. Our Enclosures use UV protected polycarbonate.

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