A few reasons why to cover your Swimming Pool

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Enjoy Swimming for LongerYou can enjoy your pool all year round as this unique swimming pool cover increases the temperature of the water in your pool by up to 12°C.

Save WaterOur Enclosures ensure to minimise water evaporation, the biggest factor of wasted water in your swimming pool.

Kids SafetyOur Enclosures are equiped with locks and therefore help to protect your children and pets *

Be Smart & Save MoneyReduce amount of chemicals to clean your swimming pool and keep correct PH level. Save the energy for heating up your swimming pool. Our Enclosures retain the heat generated by the sun.

Increase Swimming Pool LifetimeUV is the biggest factor that degrades the structure of your swimming pool and therefore reduces its longevity. Our Enclosures come with UV protected Polycarbonate to help.

PrivacyRelax and Enjoy the Privacy while swimming or simply having fun with your family & friends.

Enclosure Profiles

Made out of Aluminium with great Integrity and Strength

Profile XL

Used for Large Enclosures to ensure stability

Dimensions 73 x 55 mm

Profile L

Used for Medium size Enclosures

Dimensions 40 x 55 mm

Profile M

Recommended for Small to Medium Enclosures

Dimensions 40 x 55 mm



Clear Polycarbonate 4mm

Best possible solution for our customers who value their surroundings as this material offers excellent transparency.

UV protection is provided

Twin Wall Polycarbonate 8mm

Very rigid material with extreme resistance to an impact.

UV protection is provided

Tracks / Rails

Designed for best possible comfort for our customers & children in mind

Air Rails

These rails are very low in height. Suitable for M, L Profiles.

Dimensions: Heigh 20mm

Popp Rails

Very compact type of rails, specifically designed for barefoot walking

Dimensions: Heigh 15mm

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